Alana Lea

Environmental Artist and Public Speaker in Seattle, WA

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I'm an environmental artist, speaker, and founder of iGiveTrees.

My purpose is to inspire and support the growth of initiatives that improve the outlook for our children's future.

This has been demonstrated by my environmental advocacy in Brazil for more than a decade, resulting in participation at UNFCCC climate change conferences: COP22, COP23, COP24 and COP25 as well as the Global Climate Action Summit and Planetary Health Alliance Festival.

Whether I'm creating art or speaking at an event, my priority is to illuminate solutions to the environmental challenges we face.

As Executive Secretary of the “4 per 1000” Initiative, I have worked with Alana Lea at COP24 in Poland. Alana demonstrated her high capability in sharing resources and involvement, and in building and strengthening networks of partners committed in mitigation of climate change. Her experience in global community building, public speaking, fundraising and organic reforestation gives her solid experience as a consultant for institutions such as the “4 per 1000” Initiative based in France.
Paul Luu - Executive Secretary of the 4per1000 Initiative
Alana combines an exceptional ability to see and make connections between key influencers. Through her direct efforts, Project Drawdown held a highly successful side event at COP23 in Germany. Alana worked on the ground to organize the event from start to finish, which was well attended by a diverse group of influencers from a variety of sectors. The success of the event was due in no small part to Alana’s ability to bring together successful partners and coalitions.
Chad Frischmann - former VP of Project Drawdown
Alana Lea graces the World with her positive energy and compassion. Her example and guidance are empowering more and more people to join together in the crucial work of revegetating degraded lands, re-regulating the hydrological cycle, restoring healthy living soils, increasing biodiversity and lowering the Earth’s surface temperatures. Alana has chosen to serve humanity and the Earth, and we who benefit so greatly from her choices need to honor her with our recognition and gratitude.
John D. Liu - Founder of Ecosystem Restoration Camps